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Outages in applications that run your enterprise can at best be embarrassing; at worst, they can cripple. Today, businesses demand quick delivery, constant feature enhancements and a high level of confidence in the quality of their software, at a price that is not just economical but also highly profitable. Independent Testing is the process of ensuring the quality, interoperability and usability of products, applications, systems and web sites. It brings a fresh perspective and an unbiased opinion on issues of software problems and risks. SPIís independent testing solutions involve rigorous verification and validation methodologies that reduce defects in every stage of the SDLC. These are achieved through ROI-based verification and validation strategies, and risk-based test effort optimization. Our independent testing solutions ensure: Increased productivity through automation, Enhanced delivery, Confidence, Predictable time to market, and Lowered cost of ownership. SPIís solution teams include testing professionals with close domain expertise and the ability to tailor independent testing solutions for you across all industries. We provide solutions that combine the rigor of corporate and project quality requirements with the real-world need to minimize development costs and time-to-market. This ensures you a flexible, adaptable, speedy and yet thorough approach to testing, verification and validation.

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